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Presidential Flagpole Package
Bretta Aukerman (Grayson, KY, US)

We are so thrilled with the quality of our flagpole and accessories. It exceeded our expectations and very simple to install. I would order again.

Gold Ball for Flagpole Topper
John Pimentel (Chicago, IL, US)
Gold flagpole ball

Good quality ball. Great design..

Very Bright

I purchased this along with a 20 ft flag pole and American Flag. The light is very bright and will last all night depending on the amount of sunshine it is exposed to. Even over-cast skies will usually give it enough charge to stay illuminated all night, although not very bright.
I am very pleased with this light. Would definitely buy again.

Everything as Described!

Love the Bronze 25’. Fairy easy install. Just have to dig a hole and add some quick Crete. Have had flatly since June. Have had No issues , stays light all night As long as there are no 2 day in a row rain with no sun. Love my FLAG pole. Little expensive , but Great quality . And worth it being made in the USA

Flash Collar (Black Bronzed Colored ) for Flagpole

800 Series LED Solar Flagpole Light - Executive TelePatriot Phoenix Light System

Best flagpole on the market!!

This flagpole is awesome. Installation is super easy. Raising and lowering is really simple and it locks into place with ease. There are even videos for installation and raising/lowering.
It is very well made and appears to be extremely durable.
By the way, tell me another company that will answer your email question on a Saturday night?
These guys are as awesome as their flagpole and flags!!!!
Buy it!! Won’t regret it!!

800 Series LED Light

This solar light is mounted at the top of the flagpole. I like the fact you don’t need to run extensions cords or electric to the area. It puts off enough light to see the flags and it stays lit through the night.

Great product

The Atlantic Flagpole is an amazing product. It's even better than I expected, and glad to see this kind of quality made in the USA. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Loving My New Phoenix Flagpole – It's Super Solid!

Absolutely thrilled with the Phoenix Flagpole! Its robust build and user-friendly design make it perfect for my backyard. It's a daily reminder of our nation's strength and unity. A must-have for any patriot!

Loving My New Phoenix Flagpole – It's Super Solid!

Super happy with my new Phoenix Flagpole! It's really solid and wasn't hard to put up at all. Every time I look at it in my backyard, it reminds me of how strong our country is. Definitely recommend it to anyone who's into flags!

My Garden's Star Attraction

I just put up my Phoenix Flagpole and wow, it looks awesome in my garden. It's really well-made and even stood up to that big storm last week. Love seeing my flag fly on it every day.

My Garden's Star Attraction

I recently installed the Phoenix Flagpole and it's been a standout feature in my garden. The quality is excellent and it's withstood some tough weather already. Proud to display my flag on this fine pole.

Easy Setup, Amazing Look!

This flagpole is a symbol of American resilience. Easy to set up and looks incredible. Every morning, seeing the flag up high fills me with a sense of pride and hope.

Easy Setup, Amazing Look!

Setting up this flagpole was a breeze, and it looks amazing. I get this little burst of pride every morning when I see the flag waving up there. Really glad I got this one.

Wow! The Phoenix Flagpole is Tougher Than I Thought!

The Phoenix Flagpole has exceeded my expectations. It's durable, looks professional, and was simple to install. It’s an honor to have such a high-quality flagpole representing what I stand for.

So Proud of My Phoenix Flagpole – It's Really Sturdy!

I am delighted with my purchase of the Phoenix Flagpole. It's clearly built to last and operates seamlessly. Flying my flag on this pole feels like a true homage to our nation.

Wow! The Phoenix Flagpole is Tougher Than I Thought!

The Phoenix Flagpole really surprised me – it’s way tougher than I thought it would be and it didn’t take long to set up. Feels good to have such a quality flagpole at my place.

My Home Looks Great Thanks to the Phoenix Flagpole!

Putting up the Phoenix Flagpole was a game-changer for my house. It's both strong and classy. Really boosts my home's look and my feeling of patriotism.

My Home Looks Great Thanks to the Phoenix Flagpole!

Installing the Phoenix Flagpole has been a game-changer. It’s a sturdy, elegant, and reliable flagpole that enhances the look of my home and my pride in our country.

So Proud of My Phoenix Flagpole – It's Really Sturdy!

I bought the Phoenix Flagpole and it's amazing. It's really sturdy and the flag looks great on it. Makes me feel proud every time I see it.

Super Strong and Stylish!

This Phoenix Flagpole is top-notch! Really solid, looks sleek, and was easy to handle. I enjoy flying my flag on it - feels like I'm really honoring our country.

Super Strong and Stylish!

The Phoenix Flagpole is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Sturdy, sleek, and simple to use. It’s been a joy to fly my flag on such a well-made pole.

Texas Tech Red Raiders 3x5 Flag
J. Mark and Barbara Wagnon (Rockport, TX, US)

Flag is not printed on both sides you can only see it when the wind blows from one direction. Not acceptable.

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