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Atlantic Flag and Pole All Reviews

Atlantic Flag and Pole is proud of the connection we have with our family of customers and work hard to deal with any issues and to provide the best service for our line of telescoping flagpoles, flags, flagpole toppers, flagpole solar lights, flagpole mounts, and all our other products.
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25' Telescoping Flagpole

I like the 25' flagpole and the 800 solar light very much. The extra 5' puts the pole higher than my house and allows it to catch the wind from all directions. The American Flag is a quality flag and has a soothing flapping sound in the wind. The only somewhat negative is that it is harder to extend the pole than I thought it would be. Getting that last inch and then twist is at times tiring.I am an 80 year old man, way beyond my prime. I had envisioned taking the pole up and down regularly to clean the solar panel. I don't think I will do it as often as I had expected. It is a beautiful pole and the flag has not gotten twisted. The mechanics work very well. I'm happy that I chose the Atlantic Flag Pole Company. The service and support have been perfect.

Quality construction

I bought this flagpole to replace a cheap telescoping pole. Was a little worried about the price, but when it arrived I was impressed. I purchased the 25 ft. pole in the dark bronze color. The finish and feel is impeccable. It is easy to raise and lower and the flag is made of a thicker material than most with very vibrant colors.

Nylon American Flag

S C Flag

Flagpole has not been installed. Bad weather!

Marine Flag

I have received many compliments from residents in our community park since I put the flag pole and Marine Flag up.
It is of excellent quality and holding up very well in the winds we have here in Yuma, AZ.
I will be ordering another one when it is needed to be replaced.

UFO in the Sky!

If you are gonna light up your pole, GO BIG!! This 800 series LED Solar light is nothing short of AMAZING!!! Great wide coverage, stays lite all night till morning.SUPER bright clean ULTRA white light! I joked about it looking like a UFO, but it actually does at night! Talk of the neighborhood with this pole and light set-up! Well pleased!

I own two 25 footers , the quality is amazing
It’s American made by a company that is always there for you . Bethany is outstanding and I love her kids .

Flash Collar (Black Bronzed Colored ) for Flagpole

Great Product

I never thought of buying a telescopic flag pole until I saw your video. The set up is super easy and the quality is exceptional. I have gotten many comments about how nice my bronze flag pole looks with the American Flag and the Marine Corps Flag flying together.

Still installing flagpole.

American poly flag

Extremely nice flag.

800 Series LED Solar Flagpole Light - Executive TelePatriot Phoenix Light System

Telescopic Flagpole Review

I really love the flagpole and the way it looks. I am surprised at how much it sways at the top on windy days. However; it seems to hold up well and I still really like it. Jerry

Gadsden flag and pole

My wife bought me a new flag pole from Atlantic Flag company and it is great quality and looks great. I ordered the Gadsden flag to go with it. Everything has been great quality and made in America!

flag pole

I opened the box and it looks great can't wait to put in the ground I live in Wi. and we have a lot of snow and the ground is frozen I'll send you a picture after I get it up this Spring

Awesome product

this is a very nice piece, it has raised the eyebrows of family and those in the neighborhood, thumbs up!

Looks good

Just got the flagpole up. Looks good. We get a lot of wind here so will have to wait to see how it stands up to that. So far, so good. Standing tall and proud in the front yard for all to see.

Amazing family!

They were the best to work with and very polite. My order got messed up and Bethany was so polite and contacted me personally and straightened everything out. Can’t wait for good weather to install the system.

Best darn flagpole

I recieved my flagpole on time, but local code makes us get a permit and requires site plans and other things. After applying I finally got my permit and started digging my hole. Now every boat has a birds eye view! AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.

5 Stars is not enough stars to properly rate this pole.

Buy this pole. It is the best pole on the planet period.

Best flag pole in West Texas

Received my telescopic flag pole and I was impressed by the quality. I also order the LED light with it. This flag pole can’t compete with my neighbors HOME DEPOT flag poles, it’s a WINNER🏆 I also tested it on 35 mph winds and it performed well. I recommend it .

Excellent product and fantastic customer service

We purchased our flagpole from Atlantic four or so years ago. We recently moved and took our flagpole with us. We left the washer and dryer but took the flagpole so what does that tell you?

Anyway, we needed a new sleeve and clamp for obvious reasons and Atlantic worked with us to ensure this would happen.

We have had several other good flagpoles over the years and I can honestly say, this one is heads above all the others.

We unequivocally recommend this company and their poles.


purchased flagpole as a gift for my son and he hasn't had time to put it up yet. i did see the product and was very pleased with it.seams very well made.glad it is american made.thank you for speedy delivery.God Bless America

400 Series Premium Bright Solar Flagpole Lighting System

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