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Atlantic Flag and Pole All Reviews

Atlantic Flag and Pole is proud of the connection we have with our family of customers and work hard to deal with any issues and to provide the best service for our line of telescoping flagpoles, flags, flagpole toppers, flagpole solar lights, flagpole mounts, and all our other products.
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Titan flagpole parts

Fast and friendly service, parts fit perfectly

A quality product

We had a problem with our first flag in that one if the hems was not sewn all the way to the corner, causing the flag to fray and come apart. We contacted Atlantic Flag and Pole and they quickly sent us a new flag that was sewn much better.
Thank you for your great customer service.

Proud American. PROUD MARINE. I PURCHASED A 20’ collapsible it works flawlessly!!!

20’ Telescoping Flagpole in Bronze-Black

After researching several flagpoles, I purchased the 20’ Telescoping flagpole in Bronze-black from Atlantic Flag and Pole.

I was impressed with the quality of the flagpole from the moment I opened the box, the ease of installation and how effortless raising and lowering the flagpole is.

This is a great telescoping flagpole and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality flagpole for their home or business.
I’m looking forward to flying our great American flag on your great pole, at my home for many years.

12" Natural Eagle Flagpole Topper

Telescopic flagpole

The reason I have not responded yet, is because we are having a dedication ceremony of the flagpole at the Church on Sunday, August 18th...Federal, State and local dignitaries will be in attendance as well as military personnel. We are hoping for a great turnout as we will be raising our Nation's flag and a NYState flag that will be presented to us... It should be a beautiful ceremony.

Great product

Fast delivery. Well built. Love the locking system. Not a issue but pole sways a lot. Even in the slightest breeze. Just a observation
Otherwise fantastic product.

Flying a 3x5 American flag and a 3x5 USMC flag, both look great at night with light.

VERY nice product : EAGLE f-p topper

It has been very positive dealing with your company.I'm sorry I needed a larger EAGLE...BECAUSE of the height of my pole
and the size of the solar-lite disc I'd bought elsewhere.
My "returns " experience was a breeze & pleasant also.
I give you 5 stars.

That little flying saucer works

I’ve seen lights similar to ours on flag poles for years..... it really lights up the flag and I didn’t have to dig up my yard or call an electrician.....right on!!


I'm looking out from my living room chair now predawn and I have to say it's a beautiful sight. I go out early to let my cat out and we both like to look up at it. All my neighbors have commented on it and we all agree it's the kind. 20' r with the forty led light is a real asset for my yard. Atlantic Flag has all the flag needs you'll ever want. High quality. Watch Bethany's video.

Satisfied Customer

First, we have had our flagpole for some time and I'm so glad we decided with Atlantic FP. We had a couple locking sections go out and when I contacted Atlantic, Bethany responded super quick, considering it was the weekend. By Wednesday, I had the replacement parts. I didn't get around to replacing until a week later, but the process was fairly straight forward. I would only add a tip and that is to make sure and clear out any broken pieces that may have been left behind during replacement. I ended up taking a part and putting back together twice, but that was probably because I rushed it and didn't clear out the pieces. Thanks Atlantic FP for a well put together flagpole and awesome after purchase support.

Great product! Happy I made the purchase. The yard really stands out now! Thanks!

This is it !!!

This is the best flag pole you can get. Light weight yet very strong, it looks great. I got the anodized aluminum and wouldn't trade for it. Great instructions and coupled with Bethanies video you will have no problem installing or using this set up. I will recommend this to all who care about American value.

Awesome pole

Looks great in my yard. Much better than the cheap Chinese pole I replaced.

Old Glory

the light is working well and is a great addition to the Flagpole

Great quality.

Highly pleased with the product and to company. Waiting for cooler weather here in Arkansas to install.

Awesome Workmanship in this flagpole.

Best Decision Ever!

We love our flagpole

I promised my daughter and wife that if our grandson was accepted at West Point that I’d put up a nice flagpole..... our 25& Atlantic telescoping flag has filed the bill..... right now I’m looking at the 4x6 American Flag and a 3x5 West Point flag.....I installed it myself and it went great...... we love it

Shines brite

Ive had this for about two months or so. Time fits when you get older. Lol So far this light stays in all night. And this video truly didn’t give the light justice. The flag or flags really light up with they are flying. I’ve sat out side many nights and watch our nations flag dancing into the night like a becan Of hope. God bless

Awesome 1 x 48 LED Solar Light

We love the LED light ! It really lights up the American flag at night. Works better than expected. Would highly recommend.

Flag Pole

Very impressed. Excellent quality. My sons put it up for me and they were also impressed. I am a handicapped Vietnam veteran and I don't walk. Thanks again.

Fantastic flag and customer service

We are very very happy with the durability of this flag. We live on a hill and get 70+ MPH winds. The flag AND flagpole have stood up nicely. Customer service is top notch!!!

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