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Atlantic Flag and Pole All Reviews

Atlantic Flag and Pole is proud of the connection we have with our family of customers and work hard to deal with any issues and to provide the best service for our line of telescoping flagpoles, flags, flagpole toppers, flagpole solar lights, flagpole mounts, and all our other products.
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Well made!

I looked at flagpoles for around one month before I finally decided to buy this bronze 25 foot one.
I spoke with Bethany 2 times with questions and she never tried to hurry our conversations. She knows their products well and can answer any questions.
They are a great company to buy from and they will stand behind their products. The shipping was fast and I received it in great shape.
I just got it put up on 8/14/18 and the flags are flying in the breeze today.
Thank you for such a nice product. I am so proud of it.
D.L. Hart

20 ft telescoping flagpole

Love the flagpole! It arrived on time, and installation was a breeze. The flag and pole seem to be premium quality products! Raising and lowering the pole couldn’t be easier in my opinion. We are very happy with this purchase!

Eagle flagpole Topper

Just got back from being out of town , the eagle topper is above average , very happy that I ordered this product from Atlantic flags pole, I still need to check and review extension flag pole in box.

Best Flag Pole

I started with a cheaper flag pole which lasted about three months. After reading the reviews, I decided to get the 25-ft telescoping pole with a solar light. This is a solid flag pole that doesn't sway like my old one. Its very easy to use and I love the light. Its worth the price!!

Flying High in Cromwell CT.

After searching many flagpole companies websites I am happy to say that the telescopic flagpole I purchased from Atlantic Flagpole is exactly what i wanted and was exactly as advertised. The dark anodized aluminum pole with the gold ball topper is a real beauty! It came with a real high quality US flag and the anti-theft ring and mounting sleeve. Installation was a breeze. My 13yr old son and I picked the perfect spot on the front lawn. We dug the hole on Saturday morning and set the sleeve in concrete and let it set overnight. Sunday morning the pole went into the sleeve and within minutes the US flag was was flying over this Veterans yard. I recommend this flagpole to everyone and also recommend installing it as a family project. I also purchesed the Solar light which so far has been working great all night lol ng with a nice light pattern that illuminates the entire flag.

Love it

As soon as i finished installing it we had a massive storm with 75 MPH winds and it handled it like a trooper

Works Great.

It lights up Old Glory just as it should be. It has worked consistently every night so far. I couldn't be more pleased with the solar lights. Thank You.


Telescoping Flagpole with Free American Flag, Securi-Shur Anti-Theft Locking Clamp, and Lifetime Anti-Theft Guarantee

Flying high above my Beach Cabana

Love my new Flag Pole.

It fly's high above my Beach Cabana at the Breezy Point Surf Club in Queens NY.

Thanks so very much, John D


Sorry to say and embarrassed am I, but I have yet to erect the flagpole. Life pushes us in another direction. I will let you know when I do. Visually great!

Best flagpole ever.

Used to have a flagpole at my old house, just outside my BR window. The rope/hardware was really noisy. This thing is great.


Nice product

Great flagpole!

The flagpole was just as advertised. Good quality and installation was easy and it looks awesome in my front yard!

Flag pole.

Excellent product and service

Flying Old Glory

The pole is just as advertised. Flag flies good and looks great.

Telescoping flagpole review.

Flagpole went up very easy and putting the whole to install in the ground with pretty simple also. Would definitely recommend flagpole to friends and other people.

Just a described!

Received flagpole very quickly and the instructions to install were very easy. Put it up in a couple of hours and the bronze pole looks great. A little disappointed in the light as it only seems to light the top of the flag even on the brightest setting. Not sure that piece is worth the investment. But, all in all I would give it 5 stars!


Gadsden Flag - Don't Tread on me Flag

Love it!!!

What a great piece to add after spending a pretty penny on a beautiful flagpole. Keeps the mind at ease, its not fool proof but keeps the mind more at ease.

Quality items

Every thing that I ordered from Atlantic Flag pole were received on time. All items are very good quality. We are very pleased with our purchase.


I love the Quality of this flag pole. My neighbors all commented on how good it looks!

A viewing pleasure!

I say the pledge of allegiance every morning!


does a nice enough light to accomplish what it was meant to do

Orbital light review

The light works really well but I have a bronze flagpole and would like to have the light made in a bronze plastic. The light works but kind of sticks out too much as a bright white.

Love the new design!

Your twist/lock design is a major improvement from my old line up the holes and the pins pop out telescoping pole. My one suggestion is to update/quicken your processing time. I ordered on Tuesday 7/3/18 and did not receive my order until Wednesday 7/11/18 and that is after paying $50 for shipping. (I realize the many different shipping requirements you probably have to endure because of the size and length of you poles) I believe for that amount of money things can be sped up a little. Many of my other online purchase (some big ticket items) arrived quicker than this order. Just a thought still love the flagpole! Keep up the good work!

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