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Atlantic Flag and Pole All Reviews

Atlantic Flag and Pole is proud of the connection we have with our family of customers and work hard to deal with any issues and to provide the best service for our line of telescoping flagpoles, flags, flagpole toppers, flagpole solar lights, flagpole mounts, and all our other products.
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Ground Sleeve for Telescoping Flagpole

25-ft. flagpole + US and Navy flags

Quick delivery, excellent quality. Would highly recommend.

Happy Wisconsin Native in Minnesota

We absolutely love our flagpole! Its patriotism and engineering to be proud of. We bought the bronze pole and couldn't be happier. I do fly the Wisconsin flag in Minnesota (and Packers on game day) so take some good hearted ribbing from the neighbors! Thanks for the smiles and the pride!

Not installed yet

Have not been able to install yet. Will send you more information and a picture once it is done. The pole delivered is just as expected and I can' wait to see the flag displayed.

Great Flag

Great flag. Really looks nice on my flagpole.

flag collar

looks fine. will install flagpole next spring

Great flagpole solution in a kit

We were looking to add a flagpole to our townhouse condominium community and this flagpole was a perfect solution as we were able to install it ourselves.

It only required a shovel, a bucket to mix the concrete, hand drill with mixer attachment and a bubble level. I installed the pole sleeve one morning working by myself. I installed the flagpole into the sleeve the next day, after allowing the concrete to set completely. The most time consuming part of the whole process was having Dig-Safe come out and verify that there were no unknown underground lines/pipes where I intended to install the flagpole.

We purchased a solar light with the flagpole kit to ensure that it would be properly lit at night. We've already received a number of compliments regarding how nice the pole and flag look.

If I had one small criticism it would be that the included gated snap clips can be hard to attach through the grommets of the flag. If they were just a little bigger I feel they would be easier to use.

Telescoping Flagpole with Free American Flag, Securi-Shur Anti-Theft Locking Clamp, and Lifetime Anti-Theft Guarantee

totally satisfied patriot

Best decision I have ever made. On purchasing. A flagpole. Thank you so much.

Just a correction to your emails. They come addressed to "Jennifer" That's my daughter, I purchased flags for her in August, mailed directly to her. I just recently purchased this flagpole for my son and I had purchased my flagpole about 5 yers ago. So your emails should be addressed to me "Wayne". Anyhow I love your products, very statisified.

Double your pleasure, double your fun

I have a flagpole in the front and back yards. They are magnificent and I highly recommend this company.

Collar works great and looks great

Problem solved

When the kit arrived I installed the parts and with a little help from your tech dept. our flagpole is working again. Thanks.

Ground Sleeve for Telescoping Flagpole

Packer fan in Minnesota!

Daaaaang! This bad-boy is a serious piece of equipment! Easy to install, easy to erect, easy to show off Old Glory and the Green Bay Packers! The pole and flags are top notch quality. My wife was on the fence, and with it up, she just loves it! Thank you for an awesome product!

Very Happy

Was Sceptical as I previously had a solar light from Another Company that was dim within 2 days. This one is VERY Bright every night and it is going on 2 months now.

Updated Flag Pole

New parts were added to our flag pole and it is like new.

25 ft flagpole

Great pole ! Flag clips are good products! Love it and thank you!!!

20 foot Flagpole

Love this flagpole. Everyone wo sees it admires it. The bronze color is eye-catching and pole is very sturdy.

Greg Miller

Love my telescopic flagpole 25-foot and most of all I love that it is made in America very well-made and my family also loves it look forward to buying another one in the future and I like that if I ever need to speak to somebody I can call you direct and somebody answers keep up the great work thanks again!

Best for the $

Had an issue with shipping damage and Bethany took care of it for me. Sent me a new pole and an return prepaid label to send the damaged one back. Excellent communication! I have been looking for a long time for a good telescoping flag pole and for the money you can't beat this one! Thanks again you guys and gals are great!

1 X 48 LED solar light

Looks good, shines bright...

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