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Atlantic Flag and Pole All Reviews

Atlantic Flag and Pole is proud of the connection we have with our family of customers and work hard to deal with any issues and to provide the best service for our line of telescoping flagpoles, flags, flagpole toppers, flagpole solar lights, flagpole mounts, and all our other products.
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32″ Aluminum Sailboat Weathervane
Laura Hall (Chestertown, MD, US)
Any way the wind blows…!

… and even when there is no breeze - I am a very happy purchaser of a USA created Sailboat weathervane.
Thank you Atlantic Flagpole!

Kentucky State Flag
David Hasty (Shepherdsville, KY, US)

Kentucky State Flag

Skips Pathfinder Camping Bundle
J.S. (Columbus, OH, US)
Fantastic Flag Display

My original review had incorrect information and lacked a picture. This whole package is awesome. I finally got the last parts of my order and got the flagpole put up a week or so ago and finally got around to taking a picture. The light is a great addition along with the gold eagle. I have flown a flag attached to a porch post for years. This is a dramatic and wonderful step up. Worth the price!!!

I love my new flag pole. Some of my golf buddies are getting one. Thank you.

Skip Bedell July 4th Telescoping Flagpole Package - 20' Sliver
Frela Wojciechowski (Orange Beach, AL, US)

Skip Bedell July 4th Telescoping Flagpole Package - 20' Sliver

Best Flagpole EVER!

This is the best flagpole on the market. Solid and stable works like a charm. When we move the flagpole is coming with us.

Sorry I can.t give a review now.. I purchased it for a Christmas present.

Thank you for the work you do and for keeping your company in the United States.

Telescoping Flagpole Replacement Kits
John Cushman (Spokane, WA, US)
Replacement parts

Easy to get the parts I needed, fast shipping, great customer service and fair prices.

Skip Bedell July 4th telescoping flagpole and accessories.

As of today I still have not received my full order. I think I have received everything except theAmerican flag that is suppose to come with this promotional package. I have received three deliveries and the flag wasn’t included in any of these. It has taken a very long time to received this purchase. Please advise to status of American flag.

5 ⭐️Stars⭐️ For Ole Glory

Love our pole and flag! The solar light is great! We got our KC Chief flag up and it looks great!!
Thank you Bethany for going the 2nd mile for me and finding the last light bronze pole!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🐴

ATLANTIC flagpole Solar Light

Some what disappointed in the light provided to the flags at night by the solar light.

132 West Main St

It is by far the best quality fag and pole I have ever put on display.

Good quality product

Good quality product. Easy to follow instructions. Would recommend.

Flag Pole is top-tier quality!

The pole itself couldn't be better. It works superbly, looks great, and is obviously made of the best materials. The accessories (flags, gold ball topper, and solar LED light) all seemed a bit cheaper or lightweight in comparison. The light is just adequate in brightness-I was thinking it was going to be a bit more.

Skip Bedell July 4th Telescoping Flagpole Package - 20' Sliver

Glorious Flag Pole!

The natural-painted Eagle looks great sitting upon the Gold Ball. The Solar Lighting System comes on auto, creating such a bright light, it reflects upon my ceiling! With such a high output of light, thinking about creating a "collar:" to shield the light downward. Any suggestions about materials?

Trump 2024 Take America Back Flag 3' x 5' Size
John Stimson (Sheridan, MT, US)


Love my Atlantic Flagpole

We dug the hole (the hard part) a week ago (Aug 1) and had flags flying on Wed Aug 3. Looks great, we are both Proud American Veterans.

Telescoping Flagpole Replacement Kits
Korey Lankow (Green Valley, AZ, US)
Telescoping Flagpole Replacement Sleeve Kit

Another top notch product from Atlantic Flag & Pole. Great instructions; easy to follow and install. Our great nations Old Glory was back up in no time! Cheers.

Flash Collar (Black Bronzed Colored ) for Flagpole
Richard Rudolph (Cincinnati, OH, US)
Very well made!

Just poured the concrete this morning. Can’t wait to see old glory flying high!

Eagle Flag
Jeff Katterhenry (Martinsville, IN, US)
Eagle Flag

This is a great looking flag. Really gives a sense of pride along with that American flag and the 20’ Phoenix flag pole.

everything is good the flag looks beautiful
one problem is I am 71 yrs old and I cannot lower the flag to half mast I don't have the strength to do it. that is my problem.

12" Gold Eagle Flagpole Topper
Don Blakely (Mount Vernon, OH, US)
Great flag pole topper

Easy to install. Looks great. Highly recommended.

Atlantic flag pole

Excellent and strong flag pole. Very easy to put flags up and down.

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