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Atlantic Flag and Pole All Reviews

Atlantic Flag and Pole is proud of the connection we have with our family of customers and work hard to deal with any issues and to provide the best service for our line of telescoping flagpoles, flags, flagpole toppers, flagpole solar lights, flagpole mounts, and all our other products.
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Love it!!

Arrived much sooner than expected and was boxed well. Installation was as explained in directions and easy!! I purchased the solar night light with it and I get so many comments on how well it looks at night!! It still gives me that proud feeling every time I go outside!! Looks awesome!!

Flying The Stars & Stripes

Ground sleeve is what it is, a piece of plastic that goes in the ground.
You should offer the option for the pole locking clamp at the time of ground sleeve purchase in case it has corroded or was lost during a move.

Great product

We love this company, had an issue with delivery called co and flagpole was delivered in great shape. Highly recommend.

A Quality Product

We have a telescoping flagpole (purchased some time ago) at a summer home and wanted one for our home near Houston. We thus have some experience with the telescope design and operation. The Atlantic design is superior to our existing flagpole due to the locking mechanism for each segment as it extends. The Atlantic pole is heavy gauge -- as is our existing unit and this is critical as high winds will occur. A final point, I like the flag attachment design on the Atlantic design -- my existing units are beginning to crack as they become brittle with sunlight exposure. Again, congratulations

My grandson likes the eagle flag.

My grandson who is age early 20s says he likes the eagle flag. So do I. Having a form of the American flag on the cheek sets it apart.

Replacement parts

Bethany was very responsive and helpful. She listened to understand my issue and guided me on the resolution and timing for parts supply . Thank you Bethany!

Poly Extra US Flag

Great Item

Christmas gift for my father, he loved it.

Blow, wind blow.

A wave of patriotism engulfed me when our USA Flag (without the Eagle flag) was unfurled in the wind. I was immediately inspired to pray for our Country to remain free in the threat of globalism and for the safety of our great president during these turbulent times. The Eagle flag underneath detracted from the beauty of our USA flag flying alone. So I will rarely hang it under the Stars and Stripes. Just need the wind to blow more often (without rain). Time will tell if my rating is accurate.

Fly with pride...

The Patriot Eagle flag is definitely a flag that catches your eye when flying! I've received so many comments from neighbors and delivery persons, all stating how awesome it looks.
Very impressive flag and I'm really glad I purchased two of them. I fly it with pride and you will do the same if you purchase it. You don't see this flag very often which adds to it's uniqueness!


After 2 lesser quality poles failed in the winds here I wanted the Atlantic Flagpole, after the 3rd one failed (all within a year) it became an investment and savings in the long run. So far it hasn't failed in the wind.

Fly with pride

The quality of this unit sells itself. I've had multiple compliments from neighbors and others regarding it's quality looks.
Love the way the flags attach, as well as the eagle and lightning system. You can also see a review I did on YouTube under Atlantic Flagpole.
If you're contemplating buying a pole, this is the unit you want!

Fly with pride

Another awesome accent for my flagpole. There has been a multitude of compliments from neighbors and others passing through the neighborhood. Definitely worth the money!

Great pole

The flagpole from Atlantic Flag & Pole is superior to anything I have had previously. The quality and workmanship to very good. I bought the bronze/black 20' model and it looks great. It was built in the USA. Service and delivery exceeded expectations. I am proud to fly the American Flag on this pole.

Almost perfect

Though the flags clip onto rings that are designed to swing around the pole in the wind, I still see them tangle often. So this does not happen all the time. Or ever. I don't really know how to see if they are and when they aren't.

Lit up...

The LED light system is absolutely awesome and has been getting praise from a multitude of neighbors. The light has been averaging 13.5 hrs on a full charge, which is awesome in its self!

The amount of light which projects on a still flag is impressive to say the least and is ete catching while flag is blowing in the wind.

Light system sheds a very pleasant amount of light at ground level and was well worth the purchase price.
Check my video out on YouTube listed under Atlantic Flagpole for further thoughts on my purchase!

Happy with Product

Everything looks great, happy with what I received for the money,looks like it will last.I will not be installing until spring so will not see installed for awhile.

Flash collar

Nice finishing touch to my flagpole. Both products arrived promptly and look awesome.
A computer glitch originally did not let me order this collar. A simple email to the company and this was corrected. This company values their customers, I would gladly do business with them again

US Army Flag

Great quality. Made in the USA. HOOAH!!

Great product

Flag and pole arrived quickly. Due to work, it took some time for me to get it set up, but it was simple and took only about 30 min. Let cement cure for 2 days and put pole up.
Love it, good heavy duty and looks great in silver. Larger flag looks awesome on pole also.
I would definitely recommend this pole if you are in the market for a good sturdy flagpole.
Also, when I ordered I was not able to order the collar and get the free shipping. An email to the company and their rep, Bethany quickly took care of the issue and made it right. A big thanks to her and the whole team. As I told her, this is a company I am proud to do business with, thanks!

40 LED SOLAR FLAGPOLE LIGHT - Elite TelePatriot Phoenix Light System

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