Hello, fellow Patriot. Below you will find instructions on installing your telescoping flagpole! God Bless.

Download These Phoenix Flagpole Installation Instructions as a PDF

Materials and Tools Required For Installation Not Supplied: 

  • 4 - 60lb Bags of Pre-Mix Concrete (Standard or Quick Drying)
  • Water
  • Tape Measure or Yardstick
  • Level
  • 15-20lbs of Pea Rock or Gravel
  • Container for Mixing Cement
  • Shovel, Spade, or Post Hole Digger

Ground Sleeve Installation Steps:

Read instructions completely. Select the location for your flagpole and be sure that there are no obstructions; utilities or power lines beneath the surface or overhead.

Dig a round Fence Post Size hole, 14” in diameter and 28” deep. A larger hole may be required for soft or sandy soil.

Be sure that your hole is at least the size stated in the previous step. Now shovel in 4-6” of gravel into the bottom of the hole. This will provide water drainage.

Install the stop bolt completely through the pre-drilled hole in the ground sleeve. Hand tighten only.

Mix the concrete according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Push the sleeve into the gravel while making sure that the ground sleeve is at least 1” above ground level.

If you fail to push the sleeve into the gravel, it will allow the concrete to seal the hole and prevent water drainage.

Use your “red cap” to cover the ground sleeve. Begin to shovel the concrete into the hole around the ground sleeve being careful not to disturb the sleeve position.

Remove the red cap to check the sleeve for plumb with a level in several locations. Install the red cap into the sleeve to prevent foreign objects from entering sleeve.

After 24-48 hours of drying time, take off the red cap, place your flagpole into the hole.

NOTE: Let concrete harden according to the manufacturer's requirements. We recommend placing a warning flag or some object by the ground sleeve. This will protect the ground sleeve from being disturbed as well as eliminate the chances of personal injury while the cement hardens.

Note: There is a ground sleeve cap that should be used whenever the flagpole is removed from the ground sleeve. This keeps foreign objects from entering the ground sleeve.

Phoenix Flagpole Securi-SHUR Anti-Theft Device Installation

Download these Securi-SHUR Locking Device instructions as a PDF

installing theft protection on your telescoping flagpole


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