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Lighting for Flagpoles

Have you been struggling with finding an easy solution for maintaining proper Flag Etiquette? 

So did weuntil… 



Why choose a solar flagpole light? As you can imagine, honoring flag etiquette is pretty essential to us, and we know the same is true for you! Unfortunately, not everyone can take their flag down every night to avoid their American flag from being cloaked in darkness. We also know that not many people are interested in or able to hook up electricity near their flagpole. That is why our Premium Flag Pole Solar Lights are such a FIND. You can quickly attach your solar light to the top of your flagpole (by screwing in your gold ball ornament, finial, eagle topper, or other flag pole topper through the center hole in your LED flagpole solar light) and simply walk away. And, with our Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole, the whole process takes under 2 minutes to complete. Now, that easy installation is a win for EVERYBODY!  

We’ve done it again! Atlantic Flag & Pole has created a collection of Premium LED Solar Flagpole Lights that offer the same quality and warranty excellence you have come to expect from our Phoenix Brand. Just like our telescoping flagpoles, we have created the BEST product/warranty pairing in the industry! It’s easy to find a solar light these days. The same is true of a telescoping flag pole or the American flag. The REAL find though, is knowing that you can purchase with confidence and receive the quality you deserve from your investment.

If that’s not enough, choosing Atlantic Flag & Pole’s Premier “Lumens Series” LED Solar Flag Pole Lights means WE have already done the hard work for YOU! We remove all the guesswork. That’s right! Our team consistently evaluates feedback from, wait for it…YOU! I guess you could say we are a company that is made BY the people and FOR the people. We only offer those products that we know you are looking for. You asked for brighter LED lights…? Done! Larger lit surface area?... Done! Better warranties?... That’s right...DONE!

We have sifted through many solar light designs and hand-picked those that best suit your needs. Know that purchasing one of our Premier “Lumens Series” Solar Lights is a win/win for you as a Patriot. You get the best solar light in the industry to illuminate Old Glory AND you are investing back into America’s great economy by supporting an American made small family business.  

Why choose us? One last thing, not only are you receiving a premium qualitorbital solar light from us, but you are also gettingUS. Yes, you read that right. Each of our premier “Lumens Series” solar lights comes protected with one of our incredible 1, 2, or 3-year guarantees backed by our outstanding, one-of-a-kind customer service. It’s like having Bethany and her team right up there with your flagpole watching over Old Glory, making sure that beacon of hope shines brightly in the darkness. We’ve got you covered. (Take that evil night ninjas! This is one light and flag you can’t touch!) 

And for a limited time, we are offering our famous 365 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, just like our best selling Phoenix FlagpoleWe have taken all the risk for you. So, what are you waiting for? Try it out today. Choose which Premier flagpole lighting meets your needs and light up the night!  

Are you still here and on the fence? 

Well, don’t take our word for it. We have tons of happy customers using our Premier Orbital LED Solar Flagpole Lights. Here’s what some of them have to say:

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