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Telescoping Flagpole

*Check out The Phoenix Flagpole Featured on news outlets across the nation! Here, Skip Bedell demonstrates and endorses our telescoping flag pole on the morning show- Fox & Friends.  With the popularity of our product increasing as more people spread the word about our American made Phoenix Flagpole and products Atlantic Flagpole continues to be approached by many outlets interested in showcasing our products and services. We’d love for you to share how you heard about us!



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Thank you so much for supporting our small family business. We've been going strong for 12 years now, providing our customers with the best designed, rugged and might I say, gorgeous AMERICAN MADE telescoping flagpoles anyone has to offer. 


If you are having difficulties completing your order online, please call and leave a voicemail or text us at 518-400-0765 and we will gladly help you with your order manually. Thank you for your business!  


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Ways to install your telescoping flagpole

Click the image above for more info and product specifications!

Check out our Testimonials and you will see why you don't need to go anywhere else...and that's a fact!

This Telescoping Flagpole is superior in quality to anything on the market today. That's why we offer Phoenix telescoping flagpole package. They are proudly made in the USA and are made with only the finest materials inside and out. Each flagpole is manufactured with patented Telescoping Flagpole technology, right in Idaho.

Compare it to anything on the market and you will find it is the finest quality, strongest, and best-looking telescoping flagpole available.

Since the beginning of the first telescoping flag pole manufactured, not a single one has bent in the wind. That is a claim you will not hear from the competition. Each Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole kit is backed by a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. 

Our flagpoles have NO ROPES, NO CHAINS, NO PULLEYS so you don't have to worry about knots and tangles. By not requiring a rope or pulley to raise the flag, it also eliminates the clanging of the rope in the wind. This makes our flagpoles virtually NOISE FREE.

Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole is made of sturdy aircraft grade 12 gauge 6005 T6 aluminum. Its made in USA extruded aluminum is anodized with a hard coat anodized finish making our flagpole virtually MAINTENANCE FREE. No need to worry about rust or painting ever again. 

Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole kit has patented interlocking sleeves which allow you to easily raise each section of the flagpole without any troublesome push-buttons. Its interlocking sleeves lock together inside each section so the flagpole will not collapse in the wind; unlike many other twist-lock telescoping flagpoles. The interlocking sleeves are made of Lexan, held in place with a custom machined aluminum post fastener and 2 locking tabs. This way its interlocking sleeves will not come loose like other flagpoles that use the glue and pray method. The interlocking sleeves also increase the bearing surface between each section to reduce wobbling effects.

The swivel ring harness, which the flags are mounted on, are made of Lexan and allow the flag to fly "Freely" 360 degrees around the pole, preventing the flag from wrapping around the flagpole. This causes much less wear and tear on "Old Glory". It also comes with a double swivel ring which allows you to fly 2 flags or fly your flag at 1/2 staff.

The 20' and 25' telescoping flagpoles come with an amazing full 3" base diameter and a wall thickness of .080 which is 30-40% stronger than any other telescoping flagpole on the market today. We don't cut corners at the base. The foundation is the most important part of your telescoping flagpole; it is where you need the strength.

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Check out our Testimonials and you will see why you don't need to go anywhere else...and that's a fact!

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Money back if you don't love our flag pole

Telescoping Flagpole Kit


Click for a closer look at our telescoping flag pole. 

Check out our Testimonials and you will see why you don't need to go anywhere else...and that's a fact!

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Each Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole comes complete with:

  • 3" anodized aluminum gold ball
  • Double flag harness
  • Stainless steel flag snaps
  • Ground sleeve
  • Red ground sleeve cap
  • Instruction sheet
  • Limited Lifetime warranty card.

For a LIMITED TIME We Are Offering:

  • INCLUDED!! 4'X6' PREMIUM NYLON EMBROIDERED USA FLAG! (3'X5' NYLON USA FLAG W/16' flagpoles) This is a $50.00 VALUE Included in our Extreme Package
  • EXCLUSIVE RUST FREE GUARANTEE!! Your flagpole is guaranteed to remain free of rust or corrosion and oxidation and will never need to be painted. If your flagpole ever experiences any of these issues we will gladly replace the affected part...Our Atlantic Flag Promise to you!
  • EXCLUSIVE!! LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE: on the entire flagpole system- excluding flagpole accessories. Atlantic Flag & Pole's promise to you that your flagpole will remain free from any manufacturer defect for as long as you own your flagpole. Our guarantee is for the original owner of the flagpole only and is non-transferrable.
  • EXCLUSIVE!! Securi-Shur Anti-Theft Locking Clamp. This is a $30.00 VALUE included in our Extreme Package.
(The flagpole must have locking clamp in place and must be installed properly at the residence at the time of the theft. Must provide a copy of the police report to be a valid claim.)





Remember we are the only ones offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 1 YEAR in addition to its outstanding manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

See what our Unbeatable Guarantee has to offer. When you buy from us you also get a lifetime guarantee on all swivel rings and interlocking sleeves on our Telescoping Flagpoles.

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Size Color Price

25.0' x




20 Foot Telescoping Flagpole Bronze



stock left: 5

25.0' x



20 Foot Telescoping Flagpole Silver



stock left: 6

20.0' x




20 Foot Telescoping Flagpole Bronze



stock left: 3

20.0' x





20 Foot Telescoping Flagpole Silver



stock left: 4

15.0' x



20 Foot Telescoping Flagpole Bronze



stock left: 12

15.0' x



20 Foot Telescoping Flagpole Silver



stock left: 9

Need a 3x5 state flag with your telescoping flagpole? Your new flagpole can hold 2 flags so click here to order you state flag.
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