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Set your house apart with our 32" American Made Aluminum Weathervanes and join your fellow patriots such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Paul Revere who all proudly had weathervanes. It’s the perfect weather vane for those looking for an American made and American sold product that both complements and adds a personal touch to their home, office, and landscaping.

The base of the weathervane is satin black. You can choose the color of your ornament that sits atop the arrow with North, South, East, and West directions. Complete the look of your home or business with a Phoenix weathervane and feel good about what you are doing for the environment too! Each of our weathervanes are made from the highest quality recycled aluminum. This traditional style weathervane is 32” hand cast in rust free aluminum for durability and maximum strength. 

Makes for a great gift for the patriot in your life for Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversary gifts, Valentine’s day, and more.

Did you know?

During the American Revolution, the weathervane design represented how The Founding Fathers fought for freedom and expressed the individuality of its citizens in the U.S.A.  Freedom of expression is a very important part of our heritage; the ability to freely demonstrate and encourage others to lead, by example is wholly necessary for a free society.

Quite revolutionary, right?

Of course, other representations of weathervanes are just as important to demonstrate expression in various ways too.

Don't you agree? 

Collectively, we all strive for freedom and to be acknowledged for our uniqueness, but individually we all have different styles.

Say you are not really the historic type, it is understandable that getting what you want shouldn’t necessarily be revolutionary.

There are many weathervane styles to consider such as motorcycle weathervanes and designs of many animals like;  a bear, buck, owl, eagle, lab, bass fish, cardinal birds, cape cod, cat, cow, and ducks are offered among others. 

But what if you don't want an animal weathervane?

In that case, there are designs such as the Country Doctor, Classic truck or car, Cottage lighthouse, fireman, golfer, and sailboat weathervanes among other impressive designs that complement and add a personal touch to a home, office, and general landscaping. 

Our American made weathervanes can be used on a 24"-30" Cupola, Two Car Garage, Medium Size Home, or an iron fence as a few examples.


See our weathervanes on customers properties below:
Red Cardinal weathervane on a roof:

Black rooster weathervane on a chicken coop:

Black Cow Weathervane on a shed roof:


32" Aluminum Train Weathervane


32″ Aluminum Pig Weathervane


32″ Aluminum Buck Weathervane


32″ Aluminum Bear Weathervane


32″ Aluminum Golf Weathervane


32″ Aluminum Duck Weathervane


32″ Aluminum Cow Weathervane