Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole with Free American Flag, Securi-Shur Anti-Theft Locking Clamp, and Lifetime Anti-Theft Guarantee Telescoping Flagpole With Free American Flag Securi-Shur Anti-Theft Locking Clamp And Lifetime Guarantee 15 Foot / Silver American Made
Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole with Free American Flag, Securi-Shur Anti-Theft Locking...
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PLEASE READ BELOW AS WE HAVE ADDED MORE FEATURES TO OUR ALREADY AWESOME KIT. Our 15'-25’ Phoenix Flagpoles are manufactured right here in the United States of America, with patented telescoping flagpole technology. With our Atlantic Flag & Pole exclusive FOREVER WARRANTY and 100 mph wind guarantee we prove our confidence in our product.  No more knots and tangles as our secured flag poles have no ropes, chains, or pulleys. You also will enjoy a nearly noise-free telescoping flagpole without the clicking and clanging of ropes and pulleys. Our gorgeous Phoenix heavy duty flagpoles are virtually Maintenance FREE. Created with aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized with a hard coat finish. You won't have to worry about rusting, corrosion, oxidization or painting your new flag pole. Our Phoenix flagpoles invisible Securi-LOK™ interlocking sleeves allows you to easily raise your flag every day without any push-buttons. Made with Lexan, its interlocking sleeves lock each section together so your new flagpole won't collapse in the wind. Interlocking sleeves held in place with a machined aluminum post fastener and two locking tabs increase the bearing surface and reduce the wobbling effect. You're going to be flying your new flag on a swivel ring harness, allowing your flag to fly 360 degrees around the pole. No longer will you have your flag wrap around your pole which reduces the wear and tear on any flag flying. Also included is a double swivel ring, made with Lexan, which allows you to fly 2 flags or fly your USA flag at 1/2 staff. Click for a closer look at the Phoenix telescoping flagpole.  Check out our Testimonials and you will see why you don't need to go anywhere else...and that's a fact! American Engineering. American Aluminum. American Made. Each Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole Kit comes complete with: 3" anodized aluminum gold ball Double flag harness (so you can fly 2 flags or the USA flag at half staff) Stainless steel flag snaps Ground sleeve Red ground sleeve cap Instruction sheet Invisible Securi-LOK™ interlocking sleeve's durable design not only ensures that your flag will remain flying high without your flagpole sections collapsing unexpectedly, but it also cloaks the locking mechanism, concealing it safely inside our heavy-duty flagpole wall to deter would-be flag thieves. For a LIMITED TIME We Are Offering: INCLUDED!! 4'X6' PREMIUM NYLON EMBROIDERED USA FLAG! (3'X5' NYLON USA FLAG WITH 15' flagpoles) This is a $75.00 VALUE Included with our Premier Package EXCLUSIVE!! Securi-Shur Anti-Theft Locking Clamp. This is a $30.00 VALUE included in our Premier Package. EXCLUSIVE!! RUST FREE GUARANTEE. Your flagpole is guaranteed to remain free of rust or corrosion and oxidation and will never need to be painted. If your flagpole ever experiences any of these issues we will gladly replace the affected part...Our Atlantic Flag Promise to you! EXCLUSIVE!! FOREVER WARRANTY on the entire flagpole system- excluding flagpole accessories. Atlantic Flag & Pole's promise to you that your flagpole will remain free from any manufacturer defect for as long as you own your flagpole or we replace the parts, per our warranty program. Our guarantee is for the original owner of the flagpole only and is non-transferable. EXCLUSIVE!! ANTI-THEFT GUARANTEE: IF YOUR FLAG POLE IS STOLEN DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD, WE WILL REPLACE IT! UP TO $1095 VALUE!! (The Phoenix telescoping flagpole heavy duty must have the Securi-Shur anti-theft locking clamp in place and must be installed properly at the residence at the time of the theft. Must provide a copy of the police report and insurance incident to be a valid claim.) Plus FOREVER WARRANTY INCLUDED ON ALL FREEDOM RINGS (swiveling 360 degrees around the flagpole) & Invisible Securi-LOK™ INTERLOCKING SLEEVES. Get it WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Remember we are the only ones offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 1 YEAR in addition to its outstanding manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty. See what our Unbeatable Guarantee has to offer. When you buy from us you also get a lifetime guarantee on all swivel rings and interlocking sleeves on our Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole.   You Might Also Like: 12" Gold Eagle 12" Natural Eagle 3x5 Patriotic Eagle Flag Solar LED Orbital Light Low Voltage Lighting Kit 3x5 Military Flags Please allow up to 2 weeks delivery
800 Series LED Solar Flagpole Light - Executive TelePatriot Phoenix Light System 800 Series LED Solar Flagpole Light - Executive TelePatriot Phoenix Light System
800 Series LED Solar Flagpole Light - Executive TelePatriot Phoenix...
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The 800 Series Executive TelePatriot Phoenix Light System - xBrite 120™ LED ORBITAL SOLAR LIGHT We are introducing our Executive level 800 Series TelePatriot Phoenix Light System with its patented design that outshines the rest of the competition. If you have been searching for the most supreme LED solar flagpole light, then look no further. As the preferred choice for our premier Phoenix telescoping flagpole system, It will beam a light so bright down your flagpole; your neighbors will swear that a UFO visits your property every night. (And, they'll wonder why it takes an unusual interest in your flag pole too!) Sleek, dependable, and environmentally friendly, this flagpole solar light shines brightly on Old Glory all night! From dusk 'til dawn- we've got you covered. The Executive 800 Series LED Solar Flag Pole Light is protected by it’s exclusive 2-year warranty guaranteed by us! Your Premier "Lumens Series" Solar Lights- all brought to you by TelePatriot's flagpole lighting systems. Light up your flag! Super Bright - Hassle-Free Install - IP65 Waterproof - Meets or exceeds U.S. flag lighting protocol - Save $$$ on your energy bill today! Patented Design. - AngLED™ Light Transmission Lens System - 120 individual xBrite™ LED lights are forged together in our angled LED sensor light delivery system. It provides a broader lumination coverage area while delivering 800 Lumens 360 degrees with our efficient upgraded xBrite™ LED Diode Tech - capable of lasting longer per charge. - TOTL UniBand Solar Panel System™ offers a larger surface area to soak up the maximum amount of the Sun's rays. The UniBand panel conveniently works to collect and convert solar energy into electricity, all without costing you a DIME! - Auto ON at Dusk/Auto OFF at Sunrise feature means you can set it and forget it.   Exclusive 2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty guaranteed by us! Exclusive 90 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Why worry? We take all the risk. Try your solar flagpole light today! Solar Panel: 5.5V 5.2WLight Source: 120 x 0.2W Ultrabright SMD 2835 LED'sLumens: 800Battery 3.7V 5200mAh LithiumWaterproof Protection Level: IP65Material: ABS Color: White, Color Match: Black Bronze, Cool Silver, Royal Gold Dimensions: 7.5〃x 7.5〃x 1.17〃(250 x 250 x 39 mm) Weight: 1.34 lbs. (0.61kg) *Does not include flagpole. Solar light Kit ONLY. Flagpole shown as example only. *Like all solar lights, our lights' brightness and duration of "lit hours" are completely reliant on sun exposure which can become limited in certain parts of the country during certain times of the year. The flagship member of our Telepatriot Lighting for Flagpoles Collection can be yours today. Atlantic Flag Customer submitted photos  
Texas State Flag Texas State Flag
Texas State Flag
3x5 Texas State Flag For Sale Made with bright, vibrant, and durable Solormax Nylon. 2 brass grommets  Indoor/Outdoor Flag Made in America Sold by Americans The flag of Texas is famously known for its prominent single pure white star. The flag is commonly referred to as "the Lone Star Flag", which is also similar to the Texas State nickname of "The Lone Star State". The Texas flag may very well be the flag treated with the highest degree of reverence and esteem by the state's population.  The flag consists of a deep blue vertical stripe 1/3rd the length of the flag with a pure white single five-pointed star in the center of the blue stripe with one point facing upward towards the heavens. Equal sized verticle stripes of white and red situated next to the blue stripe. The white stripe on the top of the flag and the red stripe on the bottom of the flag.  The flag still flown today was first officially adopted on January 25, 1839, as the national flag of the Republic of Texas.  The national flag became the Texas State flag on December 29, 1845, when Texas became a state. Due to government clerical errors, there was no official flag for Texas from 1879-1933; however, the flag remained the state flag even with the states legislatures massive mistake when adopting the Revised Civil Statues of 1879. This happened due to the wording of the statues repealing all statues not expressly continued in force, and as the flag was not mentioned it the state was technically flagless until they passed the flag law in 1933 correcting their error. The Texas State Legislature also famously made other clerical mistakes in 1933 while adopting the state's pledge which officially became "Honor the Texas Flag of 1836; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible." Due to this wording, the pledge wasn't even for the "Lone Star Flag", rather it was a pledge to the 1836 Texas national flag, known as David G. Burnet's flag (shown below.) It took the legislature 32 years to correct this issue when in 1965 the pledge officially became "Honor the Texas Flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible."  Additionally on June 15, 2007 the flag pledge was amended again and is now officially “ Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.”
New York State Flag New York State Flag
New York State Flag
3x5 New York State Flag For Sale The New York State flag is the coat of arms of the State of New York on a field of dark blue.The coat of arms was adopted in 1778 and displays a shield in the center with a masthead ship and a sloop on the Hudson River. It is bordered by a grassy shore and a mountain range with the sun rising behind it. This represents the symbols of inland and foreign commerce. The shield is supported by 2 figures, Liberty on the left and Justice on the right. Liberty has the imagery of a Phrygian cap raised on her pole with her left foot atop a crown, representing the freedom from the Britsih monarchy. Justice is blindfolded, representing impartiality, and holding scales, representing fairness, and a sword. A banner wrapping from the feet of Liberty and Justice reads "Excelsior", which is commonly translated as "Ever Upward." On top of the shield is a crest consisting of an eagle surmounting a the world. Perfect for telescoping flag poles that holds two flags for mounting your American Flag and your NY Empire State flag.   Made with bright, vibrant, and durable Solormax Nylon. 2 brass grommets  Indoor/Outdoor Flag Made in America Sold by Americans The New York state flag description video. learn about the empire states flag and meanings

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