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State Flags

U.S. State Flags for Sale- Made in America

We sell top quality American-made US State flags made from durable, bright and vibrant Solarmax nylon with 2 brass grommets for flying your state flag. Our USA made State flags can be flown indoors or outdoors and will look beautiful. Due to their amazing quality in the manufacturing process our state flags are great for individuals, companies and organizations who fly their flags proudly each and every day. 


Each and every state has it’s own history, ideals and identity. When the USA was formed the 10th amendment was written to help ensure that each state was it’s own separate entity, and able to live and govern how they see fit, within certain parameters set forth in the Constitution of the United States. While the American flag symbolizes the ideals, hopes and dreams of our great nation each state flag represents it’s own identity.


Modern U.S. state flags date back as far as 1890 and were mainly designed and adopted for use between 1893 and World War 1.


U.S. State Flag Code for displaying with the flag of the Untied States.


  • The United States Flag needs to be the largest or equal size to any other flag flown . The American Flag should not be overshadowed in anyway.
  • The American Flag should be flown higher than all other lesser flags. As the right is a position of prominence if flying all flags at the same height the United States flag should be flown to the flags own right.
  • In a group of U.S. state flags, the American Flag should be flown in the center of the group and the highest.
  • The American Flag should be hoisted first and lowered last. Note our telescoping flag poles adhere to this flag code.

West Virginia State Flag


Wisconsin State Flag


Wyoming State Flag

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