Why Choose Atlantic Flag & Pole?

Why Choose Atlantic Flag & Pole? - Atlantic Flagpole

Why Choose Atlantic Flag & Pole?

Almost all kinds of institutions require flags for one or another reason. Most establishments use the national flag to emphasize their patriotism to the nation. Thus, most people have a national flag installed to show their values. At Atlantic Flag & Pole, you get a free American flag made in the USA with every flagpole! 

You should purchase quality flags and flagpoles as they are more durable and help with better branding. Atlantic Flag & Pole is home to a variety of flagpoles that are high quality and durable. The flags are suitable for coastal states as they can withstand high-speed winds and are water-resistant. 

Here are a couple of our best products to consider from: 

Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole

Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole

The Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole comes with a 3" anodized aluminum gold ball, a double flag harness, a red ground sleeve cap, a ground sleeve along with an instruction card, and a lifetime warranty card. This flagpole is built to stay rust-free. The lifetime guarantee only goes to show how much value and dedication we have put into developing this product. Some of the best materials go into making these flagpoles, and each piece is patented with Telescoping Flagpole technology in Idaho. Also, since there are no chains, pulleys, or ropes, there are no tangles or knots caused by strong winds or rains.

800 Series LED Solar Flagpole Light

Telepatriot 800 Series Solar Flagpole Light

The executive-level 800 Series TelePatriot Phoenix Light System is one of the best LED solar flagpoles. The LED light is one of the strongest as you can spot it from quite a distance. It is sleek, sturdy, dependable, and has been designed to be environmentally friendly. The installation is an easy process that would require you to go through the simple manual provided in the kit. Because it is an LED, you can save a lot on your energy bills as such bulbs do not consume a lot of electricity.

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