A Guide to Flagpole Accessories: Tops, Tails, and Lights

A Guide to Flagpole Accessories: Tops, Tails, and Lights - Atlantic Flagpole

A Guide to Flagpole Accessories: Tops, Tails, and Lights

Atlantic Flag and Pole is the leading reseller of flagpole accessories. We offer a wide variety of best-selling flagpole toppers, solar light kits, and more! Whether you're looking for an American flag or something unique, we have what you need at an affordable price. Here are some of your most popular products.

Solar Flagpole Lights

Flagpole solar lights are one of the most popular accessories we sell. They provide a stylish way to illuminate a flag at night while also ensuring that your favorite colors shine bright. We offer different lighting options, including LED, incandescent, and color-changing, with a remote control so you can set the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Choose a suitable option from our three solar flagpole light kits today and feel what good lighting is.

Flagpole Solar Lighting

Eagle Flagpole Topper

If you are looking for a classic American setup, the eagle flagpole topper is an excellent choice. This elegant design features an Eagle with outstretched wings and perched atop a pole. This design can go on any flagpole, from the narrowest to the widest dimensions at various heights.

Anti-theft Device for Flagpole

Protect your investment from thieves with a flag anti-theft device. This lightweight, affordable option attaches to the pole and locks around the rope that secures your flag. It is durable steel for maximum strength and features a lockable hasp so thieves can't steal your pole or flag. This is helpful to people who live in high-crime areas or those who want to protect their flag poles when away.


Flagpole Toppers

Flagpoles on their own are great, but they're not much without a flagpole top. We offer the perfect solutions to go with our best-selling flags, such as silver balls and sleeve caps. And, these accessories can be used alone or in addition to one of our solar kits. Our toppers cost anywhere between $30 and $150 and are great for any size flagpole, from the narrowest to the widest dimensions.

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