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South Carolina State Flag


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3x5 South Carolina State Flag For Sale

The State of South Carolina flag includes a white crescent moon with a white palmetto tree on a solid colored field. There is no official color designation or size of the shapes on the flag and that is why you see flags of varying colors across the state. Both the palmetto and the crescent moon on the South Carolina flag represent Colonel William Moultrie. The crescent moon was on the hats of some of his regiments, and the palmetto trees helped keep Sullivans Island fortress safe from British cannon attacks.

The flag of the state of South Carolina has existed since 1775, and is based on one of the first Revolutionary War flags. The history of the flag is impressive and starts in 1775 with Colonel William Moultrie. It was during the Revolutionary War and there was no official national or state flag, needing a flag for signals for his troops the Colonel commisioned a blue flag to match the color of his troop's uniforms with the crescent moon which the 1st and 2nd regiments wore on their caps. This flag came to be known as the "Liberty Flag" and the "Moultrie Flag", when it's popularity exploded. In a 16 hour battle, the flag was shot down, but Sergeant William Jasper ran out into the open and raised the flag again, which rallied the entirety of the troops and saved South Carolina from conquest for 4 years. Due to this heroic deed, the flag became the symbol of the Revolution and Liberty for not only the state but the new nation. It is known as the first American flag to ever fly over the south. 

The Liberty Flag | The Moultrie Flag;

first flag of the south in america the liberty flag

Interestingly enough not only was South Carolina the first southern state to fly an American flag, they are also known as the state flying the very first Confederate flag on captured United States territory. 

The Sovernty Secession Flag;

first confederate flag flown over a united states territory


This product is for the current flag of South Carolina displayed in the main product images and does not include the other flags depicted in the description.

  • Made with bright, vibrant, and durable Solormax Nylon.
  • 2 brass grommets 
  • Indoor/Outdoor Flag
  • Made in America
  • Sold by Americans

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