Atlantic Flagpole's Never Forget 9/11 Tribute

For most of us, it started out like any other normal day. We got ready for work, packed the kids up and got them ready for school, stopped at our favorite spot to grab a quick cup of coffee, and then headed for work ready to take on the day. Some of us were just kids sitting in a classroom. Others of us grown up, chasing after dreams, pursuing different careers and living everyday to better ourselves and the world around us. The world was spinning just as it does every single day - until it stopped. What was meant to rip us apart quickly put us back together. We realized the value of our time here on this earth. We realized the precious gift that it is to wake up each and every morning. We started to slow down and embrace all the little moments in life - we learned to soak in every single second. We clung to our family, taking in every kiss, every hug. We learned to not take things so seriously. We were reminded that this life is impermanent, uncertain and fleeting every moment. We came together and remembered our values, as people and as a family. But above everything else we united as one nation, under God. We didn’t become fearful and afraid - we became a nation overflowing with patriotism. The world surely stopped that day as we watched unspeakable acts of hate unfold. But, we also watched the bittersweet reaction of human kindness, bravery, love, sacrifice and honor. September 11th was without a doubt one of the worst days in our nation’s history. But it also brought out the best in us - it showed an American spirit that is unbreakable. Since that day, and every day forward, we will ALWAYS remember and NEVER forget..

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