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Veteran Flags

A veteran flag is a powerful statement and a symbol of pride, honor, and respect to all the fallen heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedom. For more than 100 years now, veterans from all wars have been accorded this privilege at no cost, thanks to a generous program by the Department of Veteran Affairs. You can also purchase veteran flags commercially from reputable companies or veteran organizations that supply top-quality flag accessories such as U.S flags, telescoping flag poles, flag poles for sale, and other flag accessories.

Flags have been issued to family members as a keepsake and to honor and remember their loved ones' patriotism and the sacrifice they made for their beloved country. When one passes away in service or due to injury sustained in the line of duty, a veteran’s flag will be provided over their casket or accompanying urns containing remains of the fallen heroes.

Let us learn more about veteran flags.


Who Should Receive The Veteran Flag?

The U.S Department of Veteran Affairs(VA) issues more than 500,000 burial flags annually to all honorably discharged veterans. The burial flags are traditionally handed over to the next of kin after their use during a funeral service. However, if there is no next of kin available or willing to take it on as a keepsake,  the VA will furnish the flag to a friend who will request it. For those to rest in national cemeteries, with avenues of flag programs (mostly at the military base), veterans' families may also donate burial flags and have them flown on patriotic holidays. 

How Should One Display the Burial Flag?

The correct method of displaying and folding the flag is according to the instruction in the VA form. The display also depends on whether the casket is open or closed. In addition, due to the flag's cotton fabric and its large size, it is not recommended for outside display. The VA only issues one burial flag per veteran, and they do not replace it in case of damage or being worn out. But if they issued the flag with a defect, you can return it to the post office that you picked from, and they will replace it as they send the defect back to the VA for replacement.


How Does One Apply for the Veteran Flag?

The department of Veteran Affairs has implemented an efficient system to make the death notification process as smooth as possible. When a veteran dies, there is a form from the VA website that is completed with all the veteran’s details. You can get the flag from the local post office or VA regional office. The burial director can also assist in completing the form or anyone else who can certify by signature the eligibility of the deceased veteran.

The best way to honor a deceased veteran military service is by displaying the veteran flag. Even though the VA department offers free veteran flags, purchasing them from reliable flags and flag post sources and designers is an excellent consideration. The veterans deserve nothing but quality after serving our country. To order high-quality and perfectly decorated flags, check out

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