Telescoping Flagpole

FLying two flags on a telescoping flagpole with a house and palm trees behind it in the landscaping

If you’re in the market for a pole to hoist your banners of choice, you’ve surely come across many more flagpole makes and models than you ever thought existed. Traditional poles with a rope and pulley system to hoist a flag are usually what comes to mind when someone pictures a flagpole, but the merits of a telescoping flagpole should also be considered when making this type of purchase as well. Not every telescoping flagpole is created equal - and that’s what Atlantic Flag & Pole is proud to call our flagship product!

For instance, you may be familiar with a traditional push-button telescoping flagpole that can easily rust, freeze, stick, and otherwise become more of a nuisance than you bargained for with such a product. You may also be familiar with typical twist-lock telescoping poles that can often slip out of place and collapse at random times - running the risk of your proud banner dragging on the ground in an embarrassing breach of flag etiquette. However, Atlantic’s telescoping flagpole is quite a different animal from either of these.

First of all, the twist-lock technology in Atlantic Flag & Pole’s products is so unique it’s been patented - and guaranteed to lock and unlock smoothly with a good twist. With polyurethane barriers between the sections of the exceptionally strong aircraft-grade aluminum that we use to make our products, we pride ourselves on a uniquely weatherproof product that works exactly how it’s supposed to for years to come - and we back our confidence with a 365-day money-back guarantee for our valued customers. And indeed, for the part of the installation that we can’t directly help with - namely, securely mounting the ground sleeve for your new flagpole - we offer a handy, step-by-step tutorial on what you need to do on that count via our website as well.

The ease of use and durability of our telescoping flagpole being our primary focus, we also offer a popular, easy to follow video on both our website and YouTube to show you exactly how to use your new flagpole for best results. Not only does it go into how the twist-lock mechanisms work, but it also illustrates the variety of charming finials you can purchase for the top of the unit - from a simple ball to an eagle - in order to customize your purchase easily.

It should also be noted that the lack of a rope and pulley system to mount your banners on our telescoping flagpole also translates into a far less noisy experience, as the wind won’t be able to clang those pieces together as the days go by. Indeed, our swivel-ring mounting technology also allows your flag to spin around the pole as the wind hits, thus saving you quite a lot of wear and tear on the fabric - and saving a lot of noise from the flag violently wrapping itself around the pole from a fixed position.

We invite you to make your own comparisons between various flagpoles on the market, and we’re confident that ours will be a competitive and attractive proposition for years to come!

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