Solar Flagpole Light

solar lights on top of a flagpole at night

The rules governing flag etiquette consider it a major faux pas to allow the US flag to become enveloped in darkness - which is to say, not easily recognizable at night to a casual observer. Essentially, if you’re not planning on raising and lowering a flag every single day at sunrise and sunset, it’s considered proper etiquette to find a way of illuminating your US flag at night so that it’s identifiable to passers-by. However, illumination methods of the past - namely, running hot spotlights with wire to a home circuit - could be clunky, inconvenient, and expensive in terms of both purchase price and electric bills. Fortunately, Atlantic Flag & Pole offers excellent solar flagpole light solutions that can avoid all of these traditional pitfalls, thus making your flag ownership experience easy and etiquette-friendly for a long time to come.

Both solar flagpole light solutions offered on our website meet or exceed the regulations pertaining to nighttime illumination, and both lie dormant in the daytime. Each of these units are weather resistant and come with warranties spanning at least a year - and neither of them will raise your electric bill a penny, nor will they offer a nasty trip hazard presented by wires, which can also be accidentally run over by lawn mowers, ruined by animals, etc. Indeed, these solar flagpole light solutions offer an elegant and durable solution with no danger to anyone, and are subtle enough to not awaken the neighbors while they perform their duties at night. It should also be noted here that the subtle LED lights used in our solar flagpole light solutions won’t cause the fabric in your banners of choice to fade, as traditional methods with incandescent bulbs often do - thus increasing the lifespan and beauty of your flags.

It’s important to look for a solar flagpole light - or any such form of flagpole illumination - that can satisfy both flag etiquette requirements without annoying your neighbors when they’re trying to sleep. Atlantic Flag & Pole is a company that’s proud of our track record in striking that balance - and both selling and manufacturing products that meet our clients’ needs in full, in keeping with our spirit of durability, utility, and innovation. Both of our solar flagpole light options give you a way to properly illuminate a flagpole up to 25 feet in height, which is perfect for any of the flagpoles we sell, and Atlantic Flag & Pole is happy to help our valued customers with anything related to this industry - from flagpoles themselves, to lighting, to flags, to etiquette.

We invite you to compare the solar flagpole light options on our website to the competition, and we’re confident that you’ll keep coming back to the durable, unique, and useful solutions that we’re proud to offer - and which are backed by an excellent money back guarantee that’s difficult to match in this industry.

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