Lighting for Flagpoles

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There are a number of little rules surrounding basic flag etiquette, and one of the more prominent ones surrounds lighting for flagpoles. Essentially, you’re supposed to lower any flags flown at sundown unless the flag is illuminated at night - and so choosing the right lighting for flagpoles you might have can become a concern for you should you wish to refrain from raising and lowering your banner of choice every single day, which can become a bit more of an annoyance than flying a proud flag ought to be.

To begin, many traditional manners of lighting for flagpoles could end up being very expensive - pricey, hot spotlights with old school incandescent light bulbs can really kill an electric bill - and lights that are TOO bright can result in complaints from neighbors who are trying to sleep. However, nowadays the options available are cheaper and more efficient than ever before, thus making it easier than ever for flag owners to adhere to etiquette in the realm of both flag illumination and neighborly consideration without having to add an extra chore to your to-do list every day.

First, Atlantic Flag & Pole offers a low-wattage traditional method of lighting for flagpoles that plugs into a traditional light socket, offering illumination for any flagpole up to 25 feet high. It automatically senses the difference between night and day, only turning on when needed - and its minimal 50-watt lamp means that the electric bills will remain quite manageable, and your flags will remain in full compliance with related etiquette rules twenty-four hours a day.

However, if you’d prefer not to deal with lighting for flagpoles that involve wire and an increase in usage on your electric meter, solar lights with LED bulbs are increasingly useful and popular in this regard. Atlantic Flag & Pole is proud to offer two solar options to help our customers comply with basic etiquette in terms of lighting for flagpoles, and both of these solar solutions are completely wireless, free to run, weather-resistant, and well suited to regulation standards for flag illumination. With warranties lasting from one year to two, your investment is secure when it comes to an eco-friendly, wallet-friendly, safe, and easy way to keep your flags in compliance day in and day out for a long time to come.
We invite you to compare and contrast our excellent and well-rated products in terms of lighting for flagpoles, flagpoles themselves, and all sorts of flags and accessories to adorn your new investment. Atlantic Flag & Pole takes pride in our excellent, American-made craftsmanship, our extensive guarantees, and our commitment to innovation in our industry. If you’ve been thinking about flying a banner of your choice for a while but have been put off by the concerns surrounding illumination, our company takes pride in helping our customers find the best solutions available for their flag-related needs.



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