How to choose the best NBA Flags

How to choose the best NBA Flags - Atlantic Flagpole

How to choose the best NBA Flags

Every flag on our NBA lineup tells a tale, and you get to be part of it with every purchase. We think of them as a nice way to break away from the unnatural attachment to the national flag, which most Americans are guilty of (including me).

The NBA is a grand sport, and our flags are designed to celebrate that. However, not all sellers share these sentiments. That’s why most shops stock flags in different trim levels, print options, and durability.

Fabrics: Our NBA flags are made of polyester, the #1 choice for flags worldwide. This material offers brighter, fade-resistant colors. And they also have a weave that reduces wind resistance and boosts the flag’s flying ability. Polyester dries incredibly fast, withstands high-velocity winds and takes snow like a champ. Also, the fly hem on all our NBA flags has four rows of double-needed stitching with rigid back-stick reinforcement. All that jargon means they’re bulletproof.

Placement: Are you interested in an indoor or outdoor setup? Whatever you choose determines how much investment you’ll need, so this is the point where you start paying attention. However, all our flags are designed to brave inclement weather, and that makes them perfect for both scenarios.

For the outdoor flag, you’ll obviously need a long pole. And, the 20ft telescope flagpole is our most popular option. This bad boy is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that can withstand 95mph winds when fully extended with two flags attached. Of course, you will need to dig a hole and mess with concrete to set up this pole, but that’s nothing compared to the final result.

For the indoor setting, you’ll still need a pole. But a shorter one this time. These usually attach to a wall using nuts and bolts. And, they’re usually made of various materials, including steel, plastic, and aluminum. And yes, this is the easiest setup between the two options.

Durability: Nobody wants to buy a flag every other month. And we understand that. That’s why we make all our products in the highest quality fabric available in the US. From raw materials to the actual production, our NFL flags are made to withstand harsh conditions without breaking a sweat. Put it under the Florida sun or set it up in Alaska, and this flag will still shine and stay in one piece a year later. However, an outdoor setup may wear faster in adverse weather conditions.

Printing Technique: You’ve probably seen a single-sided flag in your outdoor adventures. So, would you like a similar flag, or you’d rather have a double-sided setup? Naturally, most people want the best thing they can get for their budgets. And that’s exactly what we offer. Our NBA flags are single-side reverse printed, meaning they deliver clear images on both sides. Essentially, this means the flag is printed on both sides, but one is in reverse. The result is a mirroring effect on one side of the NBA flag and a correct image on the other.

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