Flagpole Kit

Two flags flying from a telescoping flag pole with an american flag on top and an orange flag under that

At Atlantic Flag & Pole, we take immense pride in our unique American-made products that offer a terrific edge over the competition. If you’re looking for a flagpole kit, we’re happy that ours have been considered in your search - and thank you!

When it comes to our signature flagpole kit, our telescoping flagpoles with patented twist-lock technology (which offers a sturdy lock that can be locked and unlocked with ease, and which will stay in the position you wish,) are a cut above, offering polyurethane buffers between telescoping joints to prevent rust, sticking, weathering, etc. Additionally, our flagpole kit offers a product with twelve gauge aircraft-quality aluminum, thus rendering the poles stronger than the competition and rated to withstand wind gusts up to 95 miles per hour. A wide base diameter offers a steadier footing than most flagpole kit products can offer, and the swivel ring mounts that allow a flag to spin a full 360 degrees translates into less wear and tear on the material, as the flag can spin with the wind instead of wrapping itself roughly around a flagpole from a stationary position in high winds.  Additionally, we’re proud of the level of service we provide before, during, and after the purchase to our customers.

On the last point, we offer a popular video on YouTube that demonstrates exactly how our flagpole kit works, showing the viewer how easy it is to twist and lock the parts into place, replace or swap out a finial, and the various parts of our telescoping poles that make them so unique in the industry. Moreover, we also offer a full tutorial on our website - in print - of what you would need to buy and do in order to properly mount the ground sleeve in your flagpole kit in order to prevent theft and ensure steadiness of the unit for years to come - which you can either read right online or download as a pdf to print out later in order to use it on site.

Aside from the solid American-made craftsmanship that’s measurably better than the competition and the tutorials we offer to our customers on the entire flagpole kit installation process, we also back each flagpole kit with a unique 365-day money-back guarantee. This is a level of confidence few - if any - other manufacturers can match, and we see it as a gesture of both confidence in our products and good faith towards our valued customers.

Again, if you’ve been searching for a solid flagpole kit that can last you for years to come, we’re happy to help you with any and all aspects of the process - from mounting the kit into the ground, to video demonstrations, to creating a product designed to last for years without issues that can occur with many competitor’s models. We’re happy to offer advice on flag etiquette, have plenty of flags for sale, and can offer you solar lighting options for your flag if you wish to leave it up at night. Give us a chance, and we’ll show you why our flagpole kit is a great choice for just about anyone!

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