A telescoping flagpole flying a sports flag and an american flag

When it comes to the flagpole industry, we know there are a panoply of options available for anyone to choose from. However, at Atlantic Flag & Pole, we proudly make an exceedingly durable, beautiful, and versatile product with a limited lifetime warranty - which stands head and shoulders above the competition.

That’s not just an empty marketing schpiel; our telescoping flagpole options are created with thick, aircraft-quality aluminum alloy that’s built to withstand winds up to 95 miles per hour - and we’ll happily replace any part of your flagpole that isn’t damaged via negligence or an accident. The telescoping flagpole that we use is designed to be uniquely water-resistant, with plastic buffers between each section to keep water, bugs, and other parts of nature at bay in order to ensure a long life and smooth twist-lock functionality over years of inclement weather conditions. And unlike some other telescoping flagpole options, our twist-lock system is designed to firmly stay in place with an easy but strong twist - no collapsing at random intervals for an embarrassing breach of flag etiquette. Furthermore, we offer several lovely and interchangeable flagpole toppers - or finials - that can be changed out seasonally or at a whim to embellish the beauty of the proud banners you choose to fly.

Besides the strength and ease of use our various flagpoles provide, we also offer a helpful pdf on our website that can easily guide you step by step when digging a firm foundation for your grounding sleeve that can keep your flagpole standing upright and proud for many years to come. We truly want to make sure that Atlantic Flag & Pole customers have everything possible at their disposal to make their experiences with our US made products successful ones, and we’re happy to answer any relevant questions you may have when it comes to purchasing, assembly, and operation of your new flagpole.

Once you have the flagpole you need, you’ll also likely want some flags to fly. (It should be noted here that our unique flagpoles offer a swivel-ring mount that means your flags will be able to spin fully around the pole, rather than a traditional stationary mount that can cause intense wear and tear on the fabric by causing it to wrap itself around the pole hard and fast in strong winds.) If you don’t already have a banner ready to go, we offer all sorts of flags for the discerning customer - from the classic Old Glory, to state flags from every place in the US. Would you like to showcase your roots? We have flags from just about every nation available as well - from a nation as large as China to one as small as Vatican City.  Should you wish to showcase pride in your military service, we have flags from all branches of the US Armed Forces available as well for our proud veterans. And if you’re proud of your favorite sports teams - college or pro - there’s an excellent chance that we have some great flags in stock to suit your needs there, too.

From flagpoles to flags to flag etiquette - and answers on everything in between - Atlantic Flag & Pole takes pride in our knowledge and our products. Feel free to click through and see where our stellar reputation comes from!

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