Buffalo Bills and NFL Flags

Buffalo Bills and NFL Flags - Atlantic Flagpole

So, why are NFL flags so popular with Americans? The answer is simple. You are looking at a unique sport that is based on complete fairness. Every team gets an equal opportunity to win the Super Bowl, unlike what we see in other sports. This strategy has created a huge following, and getting an NFL flag is the best way to join the tribe.

For some of us who can’t play, fandom is the next best option. And there’s no better way to showcase your interests than flying an NFL flag on your front porch. It screams loyalty, pride, and good times. 

Here’s what makes our NFL flag stand out.

Design Accuracy: You’ll be surprised at the inaccuracies we’ve seen from the competition. Some get the colors wrong, while others miss some crucial details. This is particularly common with imported flags. 

Our American-made Buffalo Bills flag is different. It’s made of polyester, the #1 flag fabric in the market. That makes it suitable for all situations, including Florida and Alaska, where there’s inclement weather. They’re also fade-proof, incredibly tough, and easy on the eyes.

Size: Our Buffalo Bills flag looks great on a 25” pole. But you can also set it up indoors in case you have a high ceiling. The idea is to identify the perfect height for your flag because you don’t want it to be in your way all the time.

Fade-resistance: Our products are made of the highest quality material for flags, and we also throw in a UV protection layer. This shield reflects most of the UV rays, which are responsible for fading. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with our competition. You will buy a perfect flag today, and it’ll look three times older than our product after one short summer. 

American-made: Design accuracy, material quality, and an impressive guarantee are some of the things you get with our American-made Buffalo Bills flag. Of course, you might have to pay a little more for this quality, but our products will outlast any low-quality flag out there. For example, someone who buys a low-quality NFL flag today might have to replace it two or three times while you’re still on your first purchase. Now do the math.

100% money-back guarantee: We give you one year to evaluate our products and see if they are a good fit. That’s right, 356 days! If you have issues before that, we’ll refund your money, less shipping costs. However, we require feedback on why any of our products didn’t work for you. This information will help us serve you better next time. And, most of our existing customers say that is a pretty hard deal to beat.

We have a ton of shiny reviews: Anybody who has tried our flags or poles will tell you how great they are. We not only use the best materials, but we also follow up with videos and support to help clients with the initial setup. This has led to thousands of shiny reviews, with some of them showing you how to set up a flag the right way. 

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