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There are a lot of considerations to take into account when choosing the best telescoping flagpole for your needs. The market is seemingly saturated with options, and it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff when so many choices are so similar in price, mechanics, and function. This is when you need to pay attention to the nitty-gritty details in order to find the best telescoping flagpole on the market - and we’re confident that at Atlantic Flag & Pole, ours is a cut above the rest.

First of all, it should be noted that we’re pretty confident that we make the best telescoping flagpole around for a number of reasons. To begin with, our flagpoles are made with thick, aircraft-grade aluminum for durability - and our flagpoles are rated to stand up to wind gusts of 95 miles per hour, making our products perfect for windy and harsh climates. Additionally, we use one of the strongest swivel ring mounts in the industry when it comes to flying your flag - meaning not only do you avoid the noise of a rope and pulley system banging in the wind from a traditional flagpole, but you also avoid a lot of wear and tear on the flag itself, as the swivel mechanism means far less damage to the fabric from wrapping itself around a pole from a fixed position in adverse weather.

Aside from the durability of the metal we use to build our poles and the increased longevity of your flags from our swivel ring mount mechanism, we also have a patented twist-lock system that ensures smooth usage year after year. This is a key ingredient to making Atlantic’s product the best telescoping flagpole around; the polyurethane buffers between each telescoping joint make our products uniquely weatherproof, fending off rust, insects, and all the other things that can ravage a traditional flagpole and make basic operation irritating. However, the twist-lock system is a very strong and secure one, meaning you won’t need to worry about finding your flagpole having randomly collapsed with your proud banner dragging on the ground one day. The locking sections are designed to work exactly as you wish, without either weak construction or inadequate weatherproofing ruining your investment.

Furthermore, one of the little things that make ours the best telescoping flagpole on the market is the ease of customization. We offer finials that easily twist on and off the top of your flagpole - from a simple ball to an eagle - that you can change out as and when you wish. The same care and fine, American made craftsmanship is the same with these purely cosmetic elements as it is for the functional joints and materials used to create the flagpole itself - and we back our confidence with a 365 day money-back guarantee, which is quite unique to our company.

We invite you to compare and contrast the various options out there on the market, and we’re confident that you’ll reach the same conclusion - that indeed, Atlantic Flag & Pole makes the best telescoping flagpole on the market today!

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