An Ultimate Guide and Everything There Is to Know About Flags for Deceased Veterans

An Ultimate Guide and Everything There Is to Know About Flags for Deceased Veterans - Atlantic Flagpole

An Ultimate Guide and Everything There Is to Know About Flags for Deceased Veterans

Many countries, including the United States, hold the services of men and women in uniforms in high regard. One of the best ways to show appreciation is to purchase flagpoles and incorporate them into the traditions and rituals of police and military men and women’s funerals. This offers a great sign of appreciating the fallen veterans’ act of bravery and patriotism and plays a crucial role in the history of a nation.

Deceased veterans' burial flags come from the Department of Veteran's Affairs {VA}, and most incredibly, they are free.  They are for draping in a deceased veteran's casket or for urn during their memorial service. Still, since many questions and information are flooding the internet, that can be confusing, especially for family members of veterans participating in the occasion for the first time. This comprehensive guide about flags for deceased veterans is here to help. The guide contains everything there is to know about flags for deceased veterans and answers most of the questions you'd have about the occasion. 

Who Is Entitled to Receive The Flags for Deceased Veterans?

Flags for deceased veterans can be given to the next-of-kin for keepsake after being used during the funeral service or to any individual that served in the military and meets certain conditions based on the governing rules and regulations of the Department of Veterans Affairs at that moment. Also, for veterans buried in Veterans Affairs national cemeteries, family members can receive the flags. Families are allowed to donate them for flowing on patriotic holidays.

For an individual who served in the military to receive flags for deceased veterans, the following conditions need consideration: Veterans who served in the military during wartime, Veterans who die on active duty after May 27th of 1942, Veterans who served after January 31st, 1955, Peacetime veterans who were discharged or released before June 27th, 1950, those that served in organized military forces such as the Commonwealth of the Philippines, those who were also in the service of the United States Armed Forces and died on or after April 25th, 1951 and Former members of Selected Reserves.

What Is the Process of Receiving Flags for Deceased Veterans?

Receiving flags for deceased veterans is a process that comprises filling out a VA Form, namely 21-2008, which is an application for the United States Flag for burial needs. Once the form is complete, flags are usually obtained from an individual's local regional VA offices or regional post offices. Furthermore, if more assistance is needed, funeral directors assist with securing burial

flags and advice on the protocols to be followed from beginning to end. Also, those who don't want to follow the application process for receiving flags for deceased veterans, especially the free flags or those with lost or damaged flags, can buy their burial flags from reliable flag suppliers or the Veterans Flag Depot.


The best thing to do to a deceased veteran is to honor the memory of their military service to their nation, and nothing does that well than a flag. However, while the Department of Veterans Affairs gives free flags, purchasing them from reliable flag sources and designers is an excellent consideration for getting highly-quality and perfectly decorated flags for one’s beloved deceased veteran. You can find flag posts for sale for deceased veterans on authority sources like, especially when looking for excellently decorated flagpoles.

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