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Save $527! $277 Off + $250 in Accessories Included!


Right now for every Skip Deal ordered, 10 Meals will be donated to kids and families in need to fight hunger in America.

  • 365-Day Home Trial - (1-Year Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee)
  • Forever Warranty + SEAL TEAM 6 Guarantee ($600 Value)
  • Free Shipping - Save $69
  • Portable - Take it anywhere
  • Telescoping Design - No Ropes or Pulleys Halyard System
  • Fast & Easy Installation in as little as 30 minutes like Skip Bedell
  • Ultra Light Design with easy to raise and lower locking sections with Secur-LOK™
  • Fly Freely and rest easy with our Exclusive Pol-D-Fence Anti-Theft Guarantee
  • Premium American Made 12 Gauge Aircraft Grade Aluminum - 100 MPH Wind Guarantee!
  • 4x6 American Made Premium Nylon USA Flag w/ Embroidered Stars Included - ($77 Value)
  • Swiva-FLO 360 Freedom Rings -Fly Old Glory in all directions reducing flag wrap
  • Freedom Ring DUA-Harness: Fly two flags and half staff position
  • Premium 3x5 Patriotic Eagle Flag Included - ($60 Value)
Your purchase today will not only get you the best American made flagpole available at the best price on the market but you also get to help fight hunger in America by giving 10 meals to kids and families in need and support a small american family business too!

Pioneer Flagpole Bundle

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Set it and forget it -that’s what you’ll be doing with the strongest, easiest, most secure American Made flagpole around. Fly your flags the way you want to -anywhere you want to with the Phoenix. It’s light and portable heavy duty aluminum proprietary telescoping design makes it a breeze to operate. And the Pioneer Bundle Flagpole will come with everything you need to quickly and easily set it up in a little as 30 minutes!
Dig a hole, secure the ground sleeve, drop the flagpole in, snap in Old Glory, speedily screw in the solar light, and raise her up in a flash! Finally, we recommend you take a step back and look up in awe. Pat yourself on the back because it only takes one person to have Old Glory flying high in no time…and only one person to make your neighbors green with envy.
Unlike some other flag pole companies, we don't advertise as veteran owned, then turn tail and run to China China China for some cheap flagpole knock offs flying a Red Commie made American Flag. Nooo…our blood runs red and deep…deep in its American take pride in knowing that your Phoenix Flagpole is rooted in American greatness! American Engineering. American Aluminum. American Made.

Save $527 Instantly TODAY!

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Pioneer Telescoping Flagpole Bundle - Rise to the Occasion

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Pioneer Telescoping Flagpole Bundle Description


Why choose the Phoenix Flagpole

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Discover the last flagpole you’ll ever salute

Your flagpole tells the world who you are and what you believe in. You, your family, and your country deserve a well-made, reliable flagpole that never needs replacing. Once you’ve got the Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole standing proudly, you’ve got a flagpole that’ll be part of your home and your family for years and years.

Buy American, Support Americans

We’re a family-owned, independent company, based right here in the USA. We hear from people every day who are fed up dealing with overseas companies who sell you junk to make a quick buck. Not Atlantic Flag & Pole. Just like you, we believe in the importance of taking care of folks at home first. When you fly The Stars and Stripes on our Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole, you tell the world you don’t just support America… you’re supporting American business too!

Let your flag do the talking, not your pole

Our nationally acclaimed Phoenix Telescoping Flagpoles don’t use ropes, pulleys, or chains… so you can enjoy your flag without the annoying “clang” you get from a conventional halyard. We know you don’t have time to detangle knotted up ropes and cords — so we got rid of them! Modern construction with classic ease of use makes sure you spend more time flying your flag and less time dealing with inferior designs and hassles.

You’re part of our flagpole family!

As an American, family-owned business; we are here to support you! We’re available by phone or email whenever you have questions, concerns, or just want to talk about your setup! We know you’re passionate and that this is more than just a flagpole to you; this is what you stand for. Day in and day out, we hear from satisfied Americans, letting us know how happy they are with their flagpole. You’re not just a sale or an invoice to us — you’re someone important. We treat all of our customers like family, because that's what you are to us!

Rugged and durable, just like America!


Unlike our competitors’ flagpoles, the Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole is virtually maintenance-free, with a 100mph wind guarantee (fully extended, with 2 flags), and comes with a Forever Warranty, covering the lifetime of your pole. Nobody else gives you that kind of premium product backed by that kind of unbreakable promise… nobody!

Your flag tells the world what you hold dear and what’s important to you. A flag is a symbol of who you are and what you stand for, and something that important deserves the very best. Just imagine your flag flying on a Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole, telling the entire world just how much you care about your cause and country, and that you truly believe in the flag you fly. When Betsy Ross designed our flag, nobody wanted it to be flown on cheap, flimsy, overseas junk. Our nation has been strong as hickory for over 250 years, and Old Glory deserves a flagpole just as tough. The Marines didn’t capture Iwo Jima just to see our flag flying on a pole that bends like a rubber band in the wind.

Don’t waste your time fumbling with poorly-translated instructions and impossible-to-raise parts — we want you admiring The Stars and Stripes. That’s why our flagpoles have the Skip Bedell-approved “30 Minute Setup.” The Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole can be installed by just one person, no problem (that means you can do it on your own, my friend!). If you can dig a little hole, you can install this flagpole in just a few quick minutes. With no ropes or pulleys and a simple, easy setup; installing your Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole is a total breeze.

The portable design lets you take your flagpole anywhere you and your family want to show off your patriotism. Whether you’re at home, at an event, or at your campsite – you can bring your flag along. Moving? With other flagpoles, you have to start over. The Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole is a part of your home, even if home ends up being somewhere else. And when you add on our phenomenal LED lighting system, you can be sure your flag is displayed properly, and flies proudly day and night, all year ‘round.

These are not cheap, imitation, overseas-manufactured flagpoles. Phoenix Telescoping Flagpoles are constructed right here in the United States by American workers, using only high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum and patented Securi-LOK telescoping technology. Unlike competitors’ flagpoles, the Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole is virtually maintenance-free, rated for 100mph winds (fully extended, with 2 flags), and is lifetime guaranteed.

Product Specs

20' & 25' Phoenix Flagpoles:
  • Base is 3.0″
  • 12 gauge wall thickness
  • 6105-T5 anodized aluminum tubes
  • Has 4 sections (3 joints)
  • Wind guarantee of 100 mph
  • Installed/above ground heights are 20′ & 25′, respectively
  • 20′ kit weighs 21 lbs & 25′ kit weighs 23 lbs.
  • Ground Sleeve is made of ABS plastic
  • Flagpole Toppers use a 1/2" screw

Mounting Types

We're mobile lifestyle inclusive
Take and place your phoenix with you in multiple locations quickly and easily!

Farm Mount

Dock Mount

Hitch Mount

Porch Mount

Wheel Mount

Ground Mount

Take Your Phoenix Premium Flagpole Home for 365 Days. Then Decide If It’s The One.

When you buy a Phoenix Premier Flagpole, you are investing in the belief that, even 365 days later, you’ll be thrilled. And if you’re not? You’ll get your money back, hassle free. That’s our Unbeatable and EXCLUSIVE 365 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to you.

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Every American Family Should
Have a Phoenix Premier Flagpole.

See how easy it is to order and receive a Phoenix Flagpole?

There's nothing quite like watching your newly fitted flag pole rise before your eyes

1. BUY

Receive your Flagpole in the mail


Slide your flagpole out of box


Plant your flagpole in the ground


Ready to grow in 24 hours

Phoenix Flagpole - Quick and Easy Installation
From Box to Installed in as Little as 30 minutes

Worried about wind? We have a 100 mph wind guarantee!

Built Tough To Withstand the harshest of elements including Hurricane Winds.

With Superior strength and Expert American Craftsmanship Nothing Will STAND In Its Way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Package arriving in separate shipments?

It is our policy to get product out as quickly as possible, so we will often ship products out separately in an effort to expedite your order. We figure you would rather have part of your order when it is available, rather than waiting for all items to be available. We also have multiple fulfillment centers across the country and ship from where items are in stock. We do try to ship you as few packages as possible and will send you a shipping confirmation, including a tracking # for each individual shipment, when it leaves our warehouse.

Your basic Phoenix Flagpole includes the following INSIDE its box (unless a specific accessory has been back-ordered):

-Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole

-American Flag

-Ground Sleeve (for installation)

-Securi Shur Anti-theft locking mechanism

-3" Gold Ball Topper (this item ships separately if you ordered a 25' pole)

Where is my gold ball topper?

The 3" gold ball topper is included in your Phoenix Telescoping Flagpole kit shipment. For the 20' poles, we hide it inside the white ground sleeve, at the bottom of your pole, to keep it safe during shipment. If you ordered a 25' pole, your 3" ball topper will arrive in a separate shipment because we can not fit it inside the flagpole box

Can I get some installation details?

Sure! We have all kinds of helpful info here...

Is there a warranty on my flag?

Flags can be a tricky item to guarantee as weather conditions differ greatly across the country and they are a wearable item, needing to be replaced every so often. With that said, we LOVE a good warranty so we do offer a 6 month warranty on all flags purchased full price on our website. (Free flags and flags included in a promotion do not qualify for the warranty. )

If you think your flag qualifies for a warranty replacement, email us a picture of your torn, worn, frayed...etc flag and include your first & last name and order number. One of our team members will take a look and assist you!

Where are your Phoenix telescoping flagpoles made?

Right here in the good old U.S. of A.. Where else?!.. exactly what you should expect from this high-end flagpole. American Engineered. American Aluminum. American Made!

Why should I buy your Phoenix flagpole instead of someone else's pole?

There's a lot of competition in life. That's a good thing. That just means you got a chance to stand out in the crowd and be the best. We take quality and craftsmanship seriously...Not only that we stand by our work. You get a towering, tough yet beautiful flag pole that would make President Trump jealous. It's something we can be proud of and now you can too. As a part of our flagpole family, not only do you get a solid 3" diameter base (most competitors only offer 2" or 2.5") and a FREE 4x6 Premium Nylon US Flag, but you also get the best warranty in the industry with lifetime guarantee on the swivel rings and interlocking sleeves -You've got nothing to worry about. You get to take advantage of an unheard of 365 day return policy on our flag poles and an exclusive anti-theft guarantee. If your flagpole is stolen we will replace it. Where else are you going to find an offer like this? Go ahead and look. We're not going anywhere. See our full list of telescoping flagpole features.

What is Atlantic Flag & Pole's Return Policy?

Phoenix Telescoping Flagpoles:

365 Day Guarantee!! Our Phoenix Telescoping Flagpoles are the ONLY flagpoles in the industry that allow you a full YEAR to decide whether or not you want to keep your flagpole. That is how confident we are that you will LOVE our American made, Phoenix Telescoping Flagpoles. Here’s how it works:

Take a picture of yourself next to your installed flagpole, to prove you tried it out, along with a short letter explaining why it didn't work for you and what we can do to improve our flagpole. Simple as that.

Mail to:
Atlantic Flag & Pole, Inc.
8 Vatrano Rd
Albany, NY 12205

Per our policy, you will receive a full refund, less shipping, after you have followed the steps above and we receive your flagpole and accessories back undamaged. (Note: Gold Ball Topper, USA Flag, Attached Swivel Rings & Stainless Steel Flag Snaps, Red Ground Sleeve Cap and Anti-Theft Securi Shur Locking Device need to be included in shipment in order to receive the full refund amount available. We do not expect you to return the ground sleeve and stop bolt if already installed)


All Other Accessories:

We have a 30 Day return policy available for all products sold on our website. Per our policy, we will process a full refund, less shipping, when we receive your item back to us in its original condition within 30 days of us shipping it to you.

Write a short letter explaining why it didn't work for you and/or what we can do to improve this product.

Mail your item back to us using the address below:

ATT: Returns/Receiving Dept
Atlantic Flag & Pole
8 Vatrano Rd
Albany, NY 12205

See What Our Flagpole Family has to say about us.


We will offer all weathervanes for sale. Need a weathervane landing page made.


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