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Copy of Flag poles for Sale Current Offer — COLUMBUS14- 14% Off!


Save $62+ INSTANTLY Today!* Enter Code: COLUMBUS14 In 1492 Columbus SALED (you see what I did there?) the ocean blue.. The rest is history! In honor of this historical event and in an effort to get Old Glory flying in every American's yard, we are offering 14% off your ENTIRE order! That is a minimum savings of about $62 or more on your flagpole, but there is NO LIMIT to savings as the 14% off is STOREWIDE and applies to your entire order. Order by midnight PST tonight and we will give you an INSTANT savings of $62+ when you purchase a flagpole kit! Simply enter discount code- COLUMBUS14 during checkout and save $62+! Today only!

Simply add the flagpole kit of your choice to your cart and/or your accessories. Next, enter discount code: COLUMBUS14 during checkout to get your savings!


Thank you so much for supporting our small family business. We've been going strong for 12 years now, providing our customers with the best designed, rugged and might I say, gorgeous AMERICAN MADE telescoping flagpoles anyone has to offer. 


If you are having difficulties completing your order online, please call and leave a voicemail or email us and we will gladly help you with your order manually. Thank you for your business!  


Order by midnight PST tonight and we will give you an instant savings of $62+ off your flagpole purchase! Simply enter discount code- COLUMBUS14 during checkout to get your savings



Already have a flagpole? How about some of our best selling accessories? Our high end Lumens series solar lights? Or our flash collar? The 14% off is STOREWIDE and so there is NO LIMIT to savings. Order today and we'll get you on the list and ship out as soon as possible! First come first serve :) 

So take advantage of this sale today while supplies last! You'll save $130 in FREE ACCESSORIES (that we have already included in your flagpole package) PLUS save $62+ instantly when you enter code: COLUMBUS14 today!

Now that's a total of over $192 in INSTANT savings (when you order a flagpole)!

Get your complete kit NOW. Add the flag pole of your choice to the cart and/or add your accessories. Next, enter code: COLUMBUS14 during checkout under the discount code section to get an instant savings of 14% OFF STOREWIDE! (Offer Ends at midnight PST. This is a limited time offer so what are you waiting for?) Offer ends when supplies are exhausted or at 11:59PM PST; whichever comes first.

Note:  Only one discount code can be used per order. 



When ordering online be sure to add the telescopic flag pole for sale of your choice along with your Eagle FlagMilitary Flag, as well as any other items like Flash CollarsSolar LightsFlagpole Toppers, or State Flags, then enter our current PROMO Code- COLUMBUS14 during checkout or mention COLUMBUS14 when ordering over the phone to get $62+ off your flag pole order and/or 14% off all accessories in your cart. Add a note to your order, give us a call or email us if you are having issues adding the promo code to your order and we will manually add the discount to your order. Hurry, this offer ends at midnight PST.

*Instant savings with code are calculated based on approximate price savings for all colors and sizes of the Phoenix Flagpole. Flagpole Discounts: 15’ instant price savings starts at $62, 20’ instant price savings starts at $68, 25’ price savings starts at $76. 

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