If you have purchased a Telescoping Flagpole from this site and in the event that you have a particular section of the flagpole that will not lock in place, you can order replacement interlocking sleeves which will be the correct size and color. Please use the diagram in this section to assist you in ordering the proper part. These parts are free and are covered under our lifetime ltd. warranty. You only pay shipping & handling to get these parts to your doorstep. We also include step by step instructions to help you in changing out these parts. You must contact us via email or through our support ticket system for proper verification before ordering or you will not receive the warranty part(s).

Instructions for choosing the right replacement part below (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE PLACING YOUR REPLACEMENT ORDER):

telescoping flagpole interlocking sleeve instructions

Download these instructions as a PDF

telescoping flagpole interlocking sleeve replacement parts

Choose a single section replacement (1 Pair) here: $39

Telescoping Flagpole Color


Choose to order a replacement Full Set (Includes 1 Pair for each section): $69

Interlocking Sleeve Replacement - All Sets - Choose Color


Choose to order a replacement Full Set (Includes 1 ring for each section): $59

Swivel Ring Replacement - Full Set - Choose Color

Choose to order a replacement Top Cap Set (Includes 1 ring and 1 cap): $49

Top Cap Replacement - Choose Color